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General Medicines

  •  Diabetes Clinic :
        - Diagnosis and treatment of Diabetes (Suger problem).
        - Diabetic  complications screening & management, e.g. Neuropathy , Nephropathy, Diabetic foot,
          Ischaemic heart disease etc.
        - Special diabetes counseling  for naive patients.
        - Diet and exercise counseling, insulin injection technique training etc.

        - Organisation of  Special screening camps for community.



  •  Cardialogy Clinic & Hypertension Clinic :

         - Diagnostic work up and Expert treatment for  Heart related ailments and Hypertension.
         - Counseling regarding Diet and lifestyle for Heart disease & High BP patient.
         - Evaluation of cases of CHEST PAIN , by ECG, 2-D ECHO & TMT.
         - 24 x 7 emergency facility for patients  of Heart attack.


               - ECG

               - 2-D Echo


               - TMT


  •  Treatment of Respiratory diseases :

          - Diagnosis and treatment of TB(tuberculosis), Cough, Common cold, Allergy- Asthma,
            Chronic Braething problems(COPD), Pneumonia, Fluid accumulation in chest (Tapping
            of Pleural Effusion), cancer screening.



  •  Nervous System Diseases :

           - Emergency diagnosis and treatment of Stroke (Paralysis attack in brain), Epilepsy (seizures) Hysteria.
           - Evaluation and treatment of Headaches.
           - Diagnostic brain fluid tapping (CSF Tapping) and treatment of Meningitis, brain TB, and Encephalitis.



  •  Treatment of Fevers :

            - Diagnosis and treatment of Malaria, Dengue, Typhoid, Viral fever, PUO (Pyexia of Uknown
              origin), investigations and indoor treatment as injections and IV Fluid administration for
              fever cases.



  •  Stomach and Liver Problems (Jaundice) :

           - Treatment of Gastritis-Dyspepsia(Acidity-Gas problems), treatment of Vomiting –Diarrhoea,
             treatment of Jaundice, Hepatitis , Vomiting of Blood – Fluid accumulation in abdomen due to
             chronic Liver disease, Tapping of Fluid inside abdomen(Ascitic tapping) etc.



  •  Blood Disorders :

           - Diagnosis and treatment of Low Heamoglobin(Anaemia).
           - Blood transfusion facility.
           - Diagnosis and treatment of other blood problems like low counts, coagulation problems (Thinnig &
             Thickening of Blood) etc.



  •  Emergency Medical Treatment:

           - Treatment of Poison ingestion-toxin inhalation, drowning and asphyxia.
           - Treatment of Acid ingestion, treatment of suicidal/accidental  Drug overdose/toxicity.
           - Treatment of Poisonous Snake Bites, Bee stings, Scorpion stings etc.