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  • Physical therapy is given by various suitable Physical Maneuvers.
  • Suitable patients are given Modality treatment like..

             - Ultra sound massage


             - Electrical Stimulation


             - Shortwave Diathermy


             - IR Lamp Heat Application
             - Mechanical Traction


             - Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

             - IFT (Interferrential Therapy)


             - Russian Current Therapy                  


  • Following are various problems which are taken care of in Physiotherapy unit.


                - Backache, Slipped Inter vertibral  Disc (Slippage of Spine Cushion)
                - Radicular Spine pain, Nerve compression.
                - Pain due to Sciatica.
                - All kind of Muscular & Joint Pains like Neck  pain, Osteo arthritis Knee pain, Tennis Elbow,
                  Wrist Pain(DQ,CTS), Ankle-Heel pain, Frozen Shoulder etc.
                - Muscle spasms/stiffness, Ligament sprain/strains,  frozen joint  and stiffness,  limb
                  deformity after fracture/ trauma/injury.




                - Artificial limb and caliper training for Polio cases & Childhood Disabilities /deformities
                - Exercise , gait training for  Stroke / paralysis patients.
                - Exercise for Facial palsy (Bell’s palsy).
                - Exercise after  knee and Hip replacement surgery  and post Bypass surgery patients.
                - Chest physiotherapy and Breathing exercise for Respiratory disease patients.
                - Treatment for Restricted Mouth opening.
                - Treatment of Immobility due to scarring after burns.



                - Aerobic exercise program for positive health benefits and Physical stamina gain.
                - Weight reduction exercise program for Obesity.
                - Muscle building and strengthening exercise.
                - Antenatal and post natal exercise program  for pregnant patients to facilitate child birth
                  and reduce post delivery sphincter problems.